Invited Speakers

Meeting Program

Meeting Program 

The final BIONET 2019 meeting program and abstracts can be found here [the meeting is over-this link is not anymore active]



Useful information about the venue, parking,the workshop and trip to Waterton are available here

Steven Jones

Canada's Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre

Opening Keynote Speaker


Steve Jones is a professor of Bioinformatics at SFU and UNC and the director of the Bioinformatics Platform at the Vancouver Genome Sciences Centre.

Manolis Kellis, PhD


Keynote Speaker

Unfortunately this talk will not take place

François P.J. Bernier

Univ. of Calgary

Closing Keynote Speaker

Gerlinde Metz

Univ. of Lethbridge, SAGSC

Plenary Talk in Transgenerational Metabolomics and Epigenomics

Stacey Wetmore

Univ. of Lethbridge, SAGSC

Plenary Talk in Computational Chemistry and Biology

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