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Lecture hall seats

Academic / PIs


College Students

Trainees / Post-Docs



Industry / Reps


Register Here

Steps to register:

  1. Click here, copy the registration code relevant to your background (Trainees/P-Doc or Academic/PIs or Industry/Reps)

  2. Verify your email by inputting the code sent to the used email address into the window provided by the registration website

  3. Verification will direct you to the main sign-up page, on the right hand side is a box with a space for the code, input the code and click apply

  4. If you see a rate now displayed at the bottom of this box, you have successfully applied this code and may complete the page and registration, you will be prompted with payment details on the next page

  5. If you have completed this process and received a “registration complete” without paying please email directly for further instructions

Registration Codes:




Registration (costs in CAD) 

Please note registration cost includes meals throughout the conference (breakfast Thursday / Friday, lunch Thursday / Friday and dinner Wednesday, Thursday and Friday).

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