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Traveling to The University of Edmonton
The 3rd Annual BioNet Conference will be held on the North Campus of the University of Alberta at the Lister Conference Center (LH).  The Lister Centre is located at 87 Avenue and 116 Street. There is dedicated parking (Lot M) in front of the conference center and a 5 minute walk to the Health Sciences LRT Station.

The main conference will be held in the Maple Leaf Room (2-050) which is on the 2nd floor of the Lister Center.  The Aurora (2-051) and Prairie (2-053) rooms will be used for breakout sessions and poster presentations.  Poster presentations will be broken up by room with corresponding numbers indicated within the conference program.

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Hotel and accommodation information

The Lister Center offers on-site accommodation options with flexibility to meet the needs and costs of all of our conference attendees.  

There are a limited number of each type of room available, it is recommended that you book ASAP to ensure what you require is available.

Available Room Options:

Guest Rooms: $109 per ro
om per night
Hotel-style guestrooms with all included amenities, steps away from the conference center.

Private Dorm Rooms:$76 per room per night
Dorm rooms with a single bed and private bathroom, located a short indoor walk from the conference center.

Traditional Dorm Rooms: 1 single bed $70, 2 single beds $80 per night
Dorm rooms with centrally located washrooms on each floor, just a short walk to the conference center.  Rooms with multiple beds are suitable for sharing for a further cost reduction to attendees.

For a map of these options please click here.  For additional information you can visit University of Alberta Conference Services here.

To reserve one of these options please find the form here.

Campus Tower Suite Hotel

As an alternative to Lister Center on-site accommodation or if there are no longer adequate rooms available, the Campus Tower Suite Hotel is located a 10 minute walk away and available rooms can be queried here.

Traveling to UofC
Accomodation Info
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